RW: Alice

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I get tons of emails. Well… maybe ounces, who knows how much they weigh… anyways… i got an interesting email about a mix that was 90% made up of sounds and speech from the disney animated film Alice in Wonderland. I checked it out, and it was tight. THEN it got better.

So first lets start with what I got first.


This mix is super dope, super chill, and super ambient.

But i said it gets better…. The next part you’re gonna have to go off-site to see, but is well worth it.

I also found this site called YooouuuTuuube, and it offers another way to visualize it.

If you enjoy the track, be sure to go over to the artists page and pick up the MP3.

I hope your ears bleed in wonderland!

New Teitur Album Out

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i just learned this morning that the artist that brought me my favorite album of 2003, which included one of the songs that teresa and i chose to have played in wedding, has just recently released a new album called the singer. teitur (pronounced “tighter”), is a very melancholy and melodic singer/songwriter from the faroe islands. although i felt that he unfortunately fell into the trap of the sophomore slump, i am still very eager to purchase the new album. here are the two songs that i have been able to scrounge up. this first one is a very strange video of a song that he did i suppose in his native tongue, whatever that is. not sure what i think of it yet. but i am sure a full review can be expected to appear once i can get my hands it.


and here is another mp3 i was able to scrounge up…it’s a little more upbeat than his earlier stuff, but enjoyable none the less.  here’s to hoping that blood flows from your ears.

teitur – catherine the waitress (removed 8/28)