The Killers Announce New Album “Battle Born”

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It’s been almost four years since we’ve heard anything new from The Killers.  And as much as I loved their first two albums, I am having a hard time getting excited for their new album.  While I found tracks on each that I enjoyed, I was pretty disappointed with both Day & Age and Flamingo (frontman Brandon Flowers’ recent solo effort).  Yet here I am, taking the time to share with you the details of their upcoming fourth studio album, “Battle Born.”  Commenting about the title for the new album (which is also an informal name for the band’s home state of Nevada), Flowers said that “in a sense, all Americans are battle born. Our ancestors came here for something better.”

Below you can watch some live footage of a new song as well as the completely unrevealing trailer for the new album.

“Rising Tide”

Battle Born Trailer

Walk the Moon “Anna Sun” Video

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Thanks to I Am Fuel, You Are Friends I just recently discovered a new indie pop band called Walk the Moon.  She posted a video for the single “Anna Sun” from their debut album, I Want! I Want!, which came out in November of last year. By the end of the video I was in love.  I restarted it as soon as it finished. And I still can’t get enough.  The music is great.  I really enjoy the lead singers voice. The band reminds of both the Killers and Local Native and “Anna Sun” is as catchy as a Katy Perry song.  It’s been stuck in my head all day.   And I enjoyed the video so much I am having a hard time separating the two.  It is great single shot journey that leads you through this awesome maze of a building that gives you a sweet keytar solo and fantastic little spontaneous/choreographed dance (just watch the effeminate guy in the purple tank top, hilarious).  The whole video just puts me in a great mood.  This is probably one of the best new songs I have heard all year. I am really excited to hear the rest of their album.

Walk the Moon – Anna Sun (removed 7/21/12)

Cody’s Favorite Christmas Songs

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I need to preface this post with four simple words.


Why do I hate it? Well, in recent years it has just become a platform for crappy pop stars to keep re-covering the same christmas songs over and over. I don’t need to hear Carrie Underwood sing White Christmas, or Wynonna singing Silent Night, or any big shot artist covering a christmas classic to get me into the spirit.

I think I should stop being such a grinch, and just let the infographic do that talking. So here are some of my favorite original Christmas songs:

  1. Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland by Grandaddy
  2. Another Christmas Song by Stephen Colbert
  3. Christmas Time Is Here by Vince Guaraldi Trio
  4. Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day (Well, You Deserved It!) by Sufjan Stevens
  5. Don’t Shoot Me Santa by The Killers
  6. I Hate Christmas Parties – by Relient K
  7. Love Came Down At Christmas by Jars of Clay
  8. When I Get Home for Christmas by Snow Patrol
  9. Xmas Party by Middle Distance Runner

I love Grandaddy‘s rendition of “Walking In a Winter Wonderland,” but that may also be because I’m a fan of The Alan Parson Project. The song features some subtle humor about Parsons, but knowing a thing about him is not required to enjoy the track. Stephen Colbert is getting exactly what he wants with the next song, he has become part of my holiday listening tradition, and it is hilarious. Fans of Arrested Development, Peanuts Cartoons, and The Royal Tennenbaums will recognize the next little gem by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.  Sufjan Stevens put out his giant box set of Christmas music a few years ago, and song #4 is probably my favorite from that whole collection. The Killers’s song about a guy potentially getting murdered by Santa is interesting to say the least, watching the music video is a must. If Christmas time just gets you down, then be sure to listen to the track by Relient K. I love the next song by Jars of Clay, who took an awesome beat and made an enjoyable new Christmas classic. Snow Patrol fans should not be without song #8. I’m a huge fan, and that song is just awesome. And finally, song #9 is by Middle Distance Runner. If you’ve never checked them out, I hope this song drives you to do so.

Okay. I was a bit of a Grinch earlier, but if you examine the chart you will see that there does exist a small sliver of well done covers. So here’s three Christmas covers I do enjoy, and are part of my holiday canon:

  1. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Death Cab for Cutie
  2. Holly Jolly Christmas covered by The Format
  3. O Come, O Come Emmanuel covered by Belle & Sebastian

These songs may not be original compositions, but I much prefer these to the originals. Death Cab’s version of “Baby Please Come Home” is just great. And a classic from Belle & Sebastian.

I hope you’ve found some new additions to your holiday listening list, and we here at IHYEB wish you a very Merry Christmas!

The Killers Are Covering the Basics

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The KillersAccording to Paste Magazine, the Killers have plans to record a covers album by the end of the year. I think this album could either be really great for the killers and for the genre of cover albums, or I think it could really bomb.    The Killers have tried their hand at cover songs a few times already.  They’ve recorded a couple really great covers, and some not so great.  I think it will all come down to the song selection.  As far as what could get covered for this album, I think the list is wide open.   Some names that are already being thrown around are Genesis, Cyndi Lauper, Tom Waits, and Fleet Foxes.  Oddly enough, I feel like they have a better chance of pulling it off with the more outlandish pop songs than with the indie rock stuff. But who knows.  Here’s some of what they have done so far. Which one do you think is the best?