Guilt By Association Round 2

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So I don’t know how I missed this project the first time around.  This is exactly the kind of music that I love.  I mean my Gnarls Barkley cover by Ray Lamontagne and that acoustic cover of Hey Ya have become two of the most played songs in my library.  So in fact I am even upset that I didn’t discover this collection of covers til now.  But not too upset.  Because now I have lots of incredible new cover songs to love and cherish. I will let the music speak for itself. But first I want to complain a little about the title.  Yeah it’s really clever and all, but I just really don’t like the idea of guilty pleasures.  I mean why feel guilty about liking a song.  So what if it’s not cool to like it.  So what if there’s an Avril Lavigne song that you secretly love.  Or that you listened to that One Republic collaboration with Timbaland over and over. Now I’m not saying that I’m about to start praising these artists and comparing them to The Beatles or any of the other greats.  But I will freely admit to both of those confessions.  Without guilt.

Anyway. Back to the matter at hand.  Engine Room Recordings has announced the release of the second edition of the Guilt By Association cover series. The cd is set to hit stores on February 17th, but it has already been released for download on Itunes.  But for those of you short on cash, you can go ahead and stream it over on the Engine Room Recordings web-site.  Also here is My Brightest Diamond’s installment in the series. I know that I just wrote about here not too long ago and that I had thirteen others to choose from.  But I was just so excited that she chose to record this song, because I actually saw her play this song when I saw her open for The Decemberists a couple years ago and it was seriously the highlight of the show. Shara Worden is an incredible performer, with one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard.  I cannot recommend seeing her live enough.  Or the Decemberists for that matter.  Well to wrap things up, here is the tracklist for Guilt By Association Vol. 2.  I hope your ears bleed (but not really).

1 My Brightest Diamond – Tainted Love (Gloria Jones/Soft Cell)

2 The Bloodsugars – Self-Control (Laura Branigan)

3 Robbers on High Street – Cool It Now (New Edition)

4 Frightened Rabbit – Set You Free (N-Trance)

5 Matt Pond PA – I’m Not Okay (My Chemical Romance)

6 Takka Takka – In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins)

7 Kaki King – I Think She Knows (Justin Timberlake)

8 Francis and the Lights – Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Kanye West)

9 Lowry – Africa (Toto)

10 The Forms – We Didn’t Start the Fire (Billy Joel)

11 Rafter – If You Leave (OMD)

12 Cassettes Won’t Listen – Need You Tonight (INXS)

13 Jukebox the Ghost – It’s a Beautiful Life (Ace of Base)

14 Max Vernon – I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry)