Soundsupply Drop 11: 10 Albums. 15 Bucks.

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We’ve posted about (home of time-limited indie music bundles) in the past, but another one of their drops is about to, well, drop.

Drop 11 is currently on sale until Wednesday and includes albums from groups we like and one’s we’ve yet to discover. They are Generationals, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, This Town Needs Guns, Lemuria, Maps for Travelers, Jherek Bischoff, Better Off, Harrison Hudson, This Is The Kit and Papermoons.

Check out the trailer for the drop below, and if it tickles your fancy go buy it on for only $15.

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John Vanderslice Releases New 7″

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Too Much Time 7"The highlight of John Vanderslices recent album, Romanian Times, is being released today as a limited-edition 7″ single. “Too Much Time” is a one of the most compelling songs Vanderslice has written yet and well deserving of the release. The b-side will be the exclusive and infectious “Moon Rocks.” Thephotograph on the cover the album is also the work of Mr. Vanderslice.  He’s quite the talented little fellow.  And right now he’s getting ready for a two month tour over in Europe.  So all you European readers be sure and check him out when he comes near.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a live video performance of “Too Much Time” and posted the album version of the song. Today I have a great stripped down demo of the song with Vanderslice singing over some synths. It’s definitely not better, but it’s still very enjoyable.

John Vanderslice Live In the Studio w/ Magik*Magik Orchestra

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I’m finding it hard to find something to write to you these days. I’m feeling rather uninspired lately.  That and I am just way too distracted by fantasy football.  But instead of silence or my half-hearted ramblings, I am giving to you a couple of John Vanderslice videos.  Here are two live studio recordings of John Vanderslice and the Magik*Magik Orchestra performing some songs off of his excellent May release, Romanian Times.

Forest Knolls

Too Much Time