Jimmy Fallon Performs Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy (Lin-sanity)”

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Jimmy Fallon’s talent for impersonation never ceases to amaze me. The first time I heard his Neil Young character cover a pop song, I really thought I was listening to Neil Young.  Then I saw him pull off The Boss in the opening of the Emmy’s a couple years back.  And most recently he did Bowie for his Tim Tebow tribute.  Well last week he really impressed me with his most recent impersonation.  This time Fallon pays tribute to the New York Knicks new savior, Jeremy Lin, as Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder.

Watch Bon Iver Play “Perth” with The Roots

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While in New York for his appearance on SNL, Justin Vernon was kind enough to drop by Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night studio and record a quick little session with everybody’s favorite late night house band.  With the help of ?uestlove and The Roots, Bon Iver delivers a very cool and groovin’ version of one of my personal favorite tracks from last year’s self-titled sophomore effort. Spanning over 8 minutes long, they really stretch it out and create something unique that stands on it’s own, while keeping the integrity of original.  It really makes me wish that they would go into the studio together and recreate the entire album.


Bon Joviver

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Indie rock band, Miracles of Modern Science,  have given the internet world a fun little treat with their new mini-project, Bon Joviver.  They have taken the musical stylings of Bon Iver and combined them with the classic 80’s pop tune, “You Give Love a Bad Name”, written  by, of course, Bon Jovi.  Thus, giving us the name, Bon Joviver.  Short and silly, but very entertaining.  I’m pretty surprised that Jimmy Fallon hadn’t already come up with this.



Lessons From Late Night

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Hello I Hope Your Ears Bleed world! My name is Alex “Ceach” McEachin and I have been blessed to begin a new series entitled “Lessons from Late Night” in which I will review notable performances that take place on the many late night shows.

In this inaugural post I would like to draw attention to the newest late night show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I have begun following his show closely after taking over for the legendary Conan O’Brien. I have honestly been pretty impressed with how well he has assumed this new role. I love how he has gone to great lengths to become relevant by embracing all of the new cultural and technological norms such as Twitter and Facebook (although it seems the show tries too hard at times). And I am especially impressed with the musical guests he has been able to line up thus far. The debut show, that aired March 5, 2009, included the legendary artist Van Morrison in which he played “Sweet Thing.” The two performances I would like to highlight are Glen Hansard of The Frames performing a cover of “Hair Shirt” by R.E.M. on March 12, 2009; a very intimate performance of a man and his Mandolin. The second is Vampire Weekend on March 18, 2009 debuting a brand new song, “White Sky.”  This song will be included on their new album that will hopefully be released this coming fall. I bring attention to each of these notable performances so that you may venture over to hulu.com and watch them for yourselves.

We have embedded the March 18th episode so that you can watch the Vampire Weekend performance right here, right now. This is truly one of the best late night performances I have ever seen. For those of you who have been living underground for the past year and have yet to hear their debut album, you must go out and get it immediately.  You won’t be disappointed.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find a video with just their performance, so what you have here is the entire episode.  But if you want to jump straight to Vampire Weekend’s performance, just click on the second to last white dot at the bottom of the video. Unfortunately the Van Morrison performance is no longer available, but if you head over to hulu.com, you can find the Glen Hansard performance and many more. I hope they bring you as much joy as they brought to me. I hope your ears bleed and maybe even your eyes a little with these amazing performances. More to come soon.

Vampire Weekend – White Sky

Van Morrison – Sweet Thing