12 Most Anticipated Albums of 2012

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I know I am a little late on this, but here are the albums that I am looking forward to hearing the most. Please understand this is not my guess at what will be the best albums of 2012, or my attempt at finding the pulse of what the general public is most excited about.  These the 12 albums that I am personally the most excited about.

Also know that I have excluded several albums that have already been released that surely would have made this list, had I done a month ago, including the new ones by Sharon Van Etten and Dr. Dog, which were both released this week.

12. FanfarloRoom Filled with Light (2/28)

These guys put out of my favorites of 2009 with their debut Reservoir.  They have such a fun and full sound, and I am in love with the way they incorporate horns into their music without making it ska or cheesy elevator music. Here is a live session of one of the songs from the new album.

11. Passion PitTBA (TBA)

Here is another band whose debut album, Manners,  found a spot on my 2009 year end list. And I am in desperate need for some new good dance music.  Lead singer, Michael Angelakos, announced in August of 2010 that they had already started work on the follow-up to Manners, and that they wanted to release it in the spring of 2011. Here is to hoping that the delay results in an album filled with tracks I can play at all the various parties and weddings I am scheduled to DJ this year.

10. Diamond RugsTBA (4/24)

After the last two Deer Tick albums, and the phenomenal Middle Brother album, I am a huge fan of John McCauley, who is fronting yet another super group album.  This time he is teaming up with members of Los Lobos, Black Lips, Dead Confederate, and Six Finger Satellite.  McCauley is a phenomenal songwriter and as he proved last year, with my favorite album of the year, he is a great team player. This could be a hell of a rock album.

Diamond Rugs – “Gimme a Beer” by goldminesacks

9. Greg LaswellLandline (4/24)

This excellent singer/songwriter never seems to disappoint.  This go around he has enlisted the help of several great female vocalists, including Ingrid Michaelson and Sia.  Listen to this great live recording of one of my favorite songs of his that never made it on any of his full-length albums.

8. Phoenix TBA (TBA)

Very little details are known about the forthcoming follow-up to one of the greatest pop albums of the last decade and yet another album off of my 2009 year-end list. It will be hard to top the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which is why I was glad to hear that this new album will be a more experimental departure from the pop sounds of their previous efforts.

7. Bruce SpringsteenWrecking Ball (3/6)

I can’t help but love The Boss.  Even though I was disappointed with most of The Promise, and Working On A Dream, there is no way I will be able to resist going out and getting this album when it comes out this year. The first album since losing his long-time band-member and friend, Clarence Clemens, should be an emotional one, and I will be all ears.

6. Mumford & Sons TBA (TBA)

The only reason this album isn’t higher is because I just don’t know how you follow up a debut album as good as Sigh No More.  I just can’t allow myself to get as excited as I wanna be.  As a huge folk fan, these guys are just right up my alley, and I have loved the spiritual nature of their lyrics.

Mumford & Sons – Ghosts That We Knew (Official Studio Version) by mariasbt

5. Sarah Jaffe – The Body Wins (4/24)

This girl’s voice is absolutely phenomenal.  If you haven’t heard her 2010 debut, Suburban Nature, you are seriously missing out.  Got the chance to see her live shortly after releasing it back in the fall of 201 and I was just blown away by the power and control of her voice.  A few of the songs on the upcoming record were included on last year’s CD/DVD combo release, The Way the Sound Leaves A Room. Take a listen to the title track from that short effort.

4. Grizzly BearTBA (TBA)

These guys released my favorite album of 2009, with the stellar Veckatimest, and then followed that up by scoring the soundtrack for fantastic Blue Valentine.  But 2011 left me hanging, other than an announcemnt on their Facebook page in December promising a new album in 2012. That is the extent of my knowledge of the new release, but that should be enough to hold me over for now. Here is a song off of Daniel Rossen’s forthcoming solo EP.

3. Fun.Some Nights (2/21)

Lead singer Nate Ruess is seriously one of the most fun and dynamic singers and songwriters in the game. I have literally loved everything he is done.  His first album with The Format, is one of my absolute favorites, and since teaming up with Andrew Dost of Anathallo, he has been creating some of the most enjoyable pop music around.

2. The ShinsPort of Morrow (3/20)

Thank you Zach Braff for using Natalie Portman’s character in your excellent film, Garden State, to  introduce me and the rest of the world to the wonderfulness that is The Shins.  I absolutely loved 2007’s Wincing The Night Away, and it has been way too long since we’ve heard anything from them.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Mercer’s Broken Bells projects, but I can’t wait to hear the new stuff from The Shins.

1. The Beach BoysTBA (TBA)

I still have a hard time believing that it’s true.  The Beach Boys have been my favorite band since I was just a wee lad, and I had just given up on the idea of ever getting to see “The Beach Boys” live, let alone get a new album will all new material.  Sure most of the guys have been touring through the years, but Wilson and Love and the rest of the gang are actually back together writing and producing and then performing together. I can hardly contain my excitement.

Ain’t Nothin’ for Free (5.4)

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Boy, do I have a gold mine for you all this week! I’m a little giddy if you can’t tell.

Firstly, one of our favorites, Peter Bradley Adams, has one, “For You,” for download right now. You don’t even have to add yourself to one of his email lists or anything. And yes, I know that if you’ve used Pandora for more than two hours you’ve heard of him before, but you probably didn’t know about this, so here it is!


Second-of-ly, Urban Outfitters has its own nice little 25 song download on their site right now. There’s some pretty cool stuff on their like Surfer Blood and The Morning Benders.

I’d go for it if I were you (and I’m talking about the song mind you).



Single of the Week: “Cool my Heels” – Nikki Yanofsky (2.7) This is a nice poppy jazz song with some bright vocals.

Discovery Download: “Change of Time” – Josh Ritter (4.3) This is where it gets “awesome,” in the words of Tracy Jordan. Josh Ritter is one of the best song writers of our day. “The Temptation of Adam” might be my favorite song of all time. He keeps it up here even busting out Leviathan. If you like finger picking, lyrics, and a good vibe, you like Josh Ritter. Also, his new album is on sale at Starbucks right now.

Video of the Week: “Take Everything” – Greg Laswell (4.0) It keeps rolling here. A pretty cool, “in reverse” video to a very likable song. I really love Greg (@Justin does too! He interviewed him a while back), especially his voice. He’s a little like a cross of Mat Kearney and Andrew Bird and somewhere in between how good those two artist are as well. Definitely a find!

Canción de la Semana: “Muérdete la Lengua” – Francisca Valenzuela (2.5) This is a lot like a slower Addison Road song in Spanish. Maybe something like a Fiona Apple song without piano…is that even fair? I don’t, but anyways, it’s okay.

That’s all I’ve got!

Bleed on mi compadres!


The Weekly Reaping (2.May.2010)

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Thus far, May is taking the cake for 2010 when it comes to music releases.  Plenty of great releases this week from both new and veteran acts, including the fantastic Josh Ritter album, that is available for purchase on Amie Street for only $5.  Yet even with all these excellent releases, my top two most anticipated releases of the year are yet to come.

We finally got official notice that the great Christopher Nolan will be giving us another edition to his brilliantly revamped Batman franchise. No word yet on who the villian will be. It’s gonna be hard to top the the previous two performances by Cillian Murphy and Heath Ledger.

Apparently Letterman has decided to get into the music business.  His new record label is launching this summer with the release of their first signed band, Runner Runner.  I’m curious to see what kind of impact this might have on Late Night and the music featured on the show.

On a more unfortunate note, it was announced just the other day that the recent acquisition of Lala by Apple, will result in the shutting down of the music streaming site.  I’m pretty bummed, but hopefully it will lead to iTunes giving us more than a 30 second preview.  Here is a site worth checking out as a possible replacement, My Friends and Music.


Broken Social Scene

Forgiveness Rock Record

Full Album Stream (courtesy of Spinner.com)

Greg Laswell

Take a Bow

The Hold Steady

Heaven is Whenever

Full Album Stream (courtesy of Spinner.com)

Josh Ritter

So Runs the World Away ♥

Josh Ritter – Change of Time

The New Pornographers


Full Album Stream (courtesy of Spinner.com)

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

I Love You! I Love You! I Love You and I’m in Love with You! Have an Awesome Day! Have the Best Day of Your Life!!

Vanguard Holiday Sampler

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Vanguard Records - Holiday SamplerIndie label, Vanguard Records, got caught up in the Christmas spirit and decided give to us a free Holiday Sampler.  It has tracks from some the best artists that they represent, from Brandi Carlile to Josh Ritter to Dar Williams to Greg Laswell…well you get the point and you can see all their names on the album cover to the left.  Not all of the tracks are Holiday themed, but it is still a great mix for the holiday season.  Click here to get this joyous holiday mix.