First Aid Kit – “Emmylou” Video

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Swedish sister duo, First Aid Kit, sound to me like the perfect blend of Fleet Foxes and Bat for Lashes. I’ve only vaguely followed their musical career thus far. First obsessing over their brilliant cover of “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” off their debut Drunken Trees. Then the single “Hard Believer” off of their sophomore effort The Big Black And The Blue. And I guess this go around it will be the lovely and infectious alt-country single “Emmylou”  from their most recent release, The Lion’s Roar.  Sadly enough I have never taken the time to listen to any of their albums in their entirety.  But after listening to this fantastic song that pays tribute to the great duos of Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons & June Carter and Johnny Cash,  I think that will have change. Check out the video for “Emmylou” below.

The Best Songs of 2011 (So Far) – Part 3

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The countdown continues here with songs 15 – 6.  Hope you are enjoying this list as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  I am amazed at the plethora of music worth listening to that has come out in the past few months. The rest of the list will come this weekend.

15.  Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home (removed 7/21/12)

This is definitely the most listened to song of the year so far, partly because I got it back in December.  I think I wore it out, or it might be higher on this list.

14. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues (removed 7/21/12)

One of the best songs yet from a band that is aiming to establish itself as an indie-folk mainstay with the release of their sophomore record of the same name.

13. Seryn – We Will All Be Changed (removed 7/21/12)

A slow-building and uplifting song for the season from yet another band from Denton, TX worth your attention.

12. Tennis – Marathon (removed 7/21/12)

I avoided listening to these guys based on the name and album cover. That was a mistake.

11. Voxhaul Broadcast – Rotten Apples (removed 7/21/12)

With some Dr. Dog-like vocals this song just makes me wanna tap my feet.

10. Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On (removed 7/21/12)

The clever and insightful lyrics of Lupe matched up with a killer Modest Mouse sample is the perfect recipe for my favorite hip-hop song of the year thus far.

09. Destroyer – Suicide Demo For Kara Walker (removed 7/21/12)

My wife referred to this album as elevator music, but I just can’t get enough of it. I especially love the little guitar riff that comes in and out of the background of this track. It complements the Kenny G-like sax quite well. You can join my wife and mock it if you like.  But that is an elevator I would love to stay on.

08. James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had A Boat (removed 7/21/12)

This is the standout track from what has been my Bon Iver substitute as I wait for the next full-length from Justin Vernon.

07. Other Lives – For 12 (removed 7/21/12)

The instrumentation on this song  and the rest of this album is just phenomenal. I had the hardest time choosing a song off of this album to include on this list.  Any of a number of songs could be taking this spot. I can’t wait to see these guys open for The National next week at Cain’s Ballroom.

06. Rubik – Laws of Gravity
Rubik: Laws Of Gravity by Fullsteam

Absolutely can’t get enough of this song right now. Try to listen to this song and not get up and dance. I dare you.

Listen to #’s 25-16

Kina Grannis Covers Fleet Foxes

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Not a fan of the way she does the intro, but I really like her inflection on the chorus.  I think her voice almost sounds better as she hits some of the high notes leading up to the chorus.  Not as powerful or moving as the original, but it is worth a listen.  Remember: Don’t judge a song by it’s cover.

Kina Grannis – White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes)

Plume Giant Plummets Onto the Scene

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I get emails all day and night from people who want me to listen to their music and write about it. And most of the time, I listen to a few seconds then put it in the archive folder of my Gmail.

Something happened the other day though. I was trying to empty my inbox, but instead opened an email from a New Haven based folk group named Plume Giant. I didn’t remember seeing it in my inbox, so I read through it and listened to their attached song Fool Hall.

I liked it. I liked it a lot. In fact, it was the first time in a long time I’ve immediately liked something that found it’s way to my submissions email. I email them back saying I was interested in hearing the whole thing, and a week later a CD mailer finds its way to my mailbox.

I was a very happy blogger when this CD EP came in.

I put it in my computer, rip it immediately and listen to it. It must have been on repeat for a solid 3 hours.

This EP is good. Real good. The group says they don’t have a frontman, 10 seconds into the first track and it becomes clear why. Vocal harmonies are what sold me on this group so quickly, and what make this so enjoyable to listen to again, and again, and again.

Have I talked about how many times I’ve listened to this EP? I have? Well I’m going to say it again, because this EP is very easy to listen to on repeat. Here’s a snapshot of my iTunes. I’ve had this EP for a week now, and in that time I’ve done pretty much nothing by study, write for my university paper, and drive (all perfect things to do while listening to music.) I did the math, and well… I listened to the six Plume Giant a total of 70 times, an average of 10 song plays a day.

So, for fans of folk, especially of Sea Wolf and Fleet Foxes, this EP is worth the listen and your money.

Plume Giant – I’m On Drugs (removed 7/21/12)

Plume Giant – Tuesday (removed 7/21/12)

Plume Giant is on iTunes, and a physical copy of the EP is only $5 (US domestic shipping included) through their website.