ACL Preview – City and Colour

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so i had mentioned about a month ago, when the acl lineup was announced, that i would start writing about the artists i think you would like to see if you were to attend. well here is my first attempt at fulfilling that promise. i actually found this band through the austin city limits web-site. i had never heard of them before, and come to find out it’s not actually a “them,” rather, it is a guy named dallas green, who used to be the lead singer of a band called alexisonfire, and this is his first attempt at a solo project. now if you have heard of alexisonfire (pronounced “alexis on fire”), you might be surprised that i would be writing about this guy, cause i am pretty sure they are a hard-core band that is way out of my taste. but this new project of his can be easily categorized as an acoustic singer/songwriter gig. his sophomore release, bring me your love, which just came out earlier this year, is done so well and and his voice sounds so confident in this role, one would assume that he’s a veteran of the indie-acoustic scene. but i think it is only a matter of time before he becomes a staple in the indie geeks ipod. so if you are lucky enough to attend acl this september, make sure to catch city and colour. you won’t be disappointed.

here is the music video for the first single, and probably my favorite track off of the new album.


and one for the road. i hope thine ears bleedeth.

city and colour – body in a box (removed 8/28)

Austin City Limits Lineup Out

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so i opened my inbox this morning and to my delight, i discoverd that acl has announced its 2008 lineup. which in my opinion is something to get excited about. they have the foo fighters headlining which i found to be an odd pick and not one that i would have made. but the rest of lineup is pretty stellar. it’s not that i don’t enjoy the foo fighters, i think dave grohl is incredibly talented, his music for the most part doesn’t fit the mold of what acl has been about in my opinion. but i am sure that they will put on a great show. i had many friends that saw them this spring in fayetteville and they all seemed to enjoy it. but here is a list of some of the other bands that i am excited to see on the lineup this year.

robert plant & allison krauss


david byrne (former lead singer of the talking heads)

john fogerty

conor oberst and the mystical valley band

patty griffin

tegan & sara

iron & wine

band of horses

the swell season (these are the guys that did the soundtrack to the movie “once”)

jakob dylan and the gold mountain rebels

okkervil river

vampire weekend

drive-by truckers

jose gonzalez

jenny lewis

m. ward


colour revolt

and those are the just the ones i am most excited about, in my opinion this is the best lineup they have brought us yet. so for those of ya’ll who have never been to an austin city limits music festival before, this is the year. and for those of ya’ll who weren’t convinced to go just by reading this list over the next severalmonths i will do an artist spotlight on all of the bands that i love that will be performing at acl this year. so look forward to that. but for now here is one of my favorites to hold you over. i hope your ears bleed (but not too much)

foo fighters – my hero (removed 8/28)