Under the COVERs

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so do you remember back in the summer of 2006 when you couldn’t turn the radio on without hearing gnarls barkley’s hit song crazy. so yeah i liked it, but obviously i got very tired of it. but i was really glad that many great cover songs came out of it. all of a sudden everyone and their mom was playing this song live. so today i thought that i would share with you my favorite version of the song, performed by ray lamontagne. if you don’t know ray, you are truly missing out. one of the best singer/songwriter types out there. so check out his laid-back acoustic version of the catchiest songs of 2006.

ray lamontagne – crazy (gnarls barkley cover) (removed 8/28)


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other than the beach boys, at least for the past five years, ever since i saw them live @ cain’s ballroom, guster has been my favorite band. i have seen them live four times now and i don’t feel like it is even near enough. and one of my favorite tunes that they do live is a cover of a kooky talking heads song that talks about about how awful this fictional world where all the parking lots and discount stores are gone, and all they have are flowers and mountains and rivers. it is a very fun song and it really fits with guster’s live performance. i was really glad they decided to include on their live cd/dvd they came out with a couple years ago. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

guster – (nothing but) flowers (removed 8/28)

also if you have never heard the original, you should definitely check it out. david byrne (the lead singer) is definitely a weirdy, but very entertaining and a great songwriter.

Take Cover

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so i absolutely love cover songs, especially when the song is done drastically different than the original, therefore i am going to start off this soon to be regular series on cover songs with mat weddle’s version of outkast’s hey ya. now before you stop reading, just click below and start listening. while he definitely performs the song very differently, he doesn’t change a whole lot, other than the tempo and the instrumentation, and then obviously a different, and in my opinion, a more inviting voice. but for those of you who either hated on this song from the get go, i hope that by listening to this version will recognize how great of a song it really is. and for those that were able to enjoy back in the day but just got sick of hearing it everywhere they went, here is a nice and easy way to enjoy that great melody that made you want to “shake it like a polaroid.”

mat weddle – hey ya (removed 8/28)