Throwback Thursday: The Avett Brothers “Talk On Indolence”

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This was the first thing I ever saw/heard from the Avett Brothers. This video was included on the DVD that came with my summer issue of Paste Magazine. I was instantly hooked. Despite being a little disappointed by their last few releases, I am very much looking forward to the release of their new album, True Sadness, on June 24th.

A Wintry Mix: Vol. 5

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Every year for the past 5 years around Christmas time I have taken the time to create a wintry sounding mix that I have sent out to friends and family along with our annual Christmas letter.  For some reason I have never thought to share that mix on here, so here it is.

A Wintry Mix: Vol. 5

1. Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash – “Girl from the North Country”

Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash – Girl From The North Country from brilliant orks on Vimeo.

2. Water Liars – “You Work Days I Work Nights”

3. Levi Weaver – “Spirit First”

4. Hip Hatchet – “Sing Me a Reprise”

5. Shawn James – “Eating Like Kings”

6. Bear’s Den – “Isaac”

7. Noah Gundersen – “San Antonio Fading”

8. Ben Howard – “I Will Be Blessed”

9. A Great Big World – “Say Something”

10. Sia – “Breathe Me”

11. Passenger – “Let Her Go”

12. Folly and the Hunger – “Ghost”

13. The Avett Brothers – “Bring Your Love to Me”

14. John K. Samson – “Letter in Icelandic from the Ninette San”

15. Foy Vance & Ed Sheeran – “Guiding Light”

16. Chris Bathgate – “Serpentine”

17. Local Natives – “Columbia”

18. Night Beds – “22”

19. Dominique Fricot – “Seashore”

20. A Boy and His Kite – “Till the End of Time”

21. Jason Isbell – “Cover Me Up”

Here is a link to listen to the entire playlist on Spotify.

The Avett Brothers “Magpie & the Dandelion

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The Avett Brothers - Magpie and the Dandelion

I give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

Last month The Avett Brothers released their 8th studio album and the first one I have really loved since 2007’s Emotionalism. While still produced by Rick Rubin, who also produced their previous two releases, I and Love and You and last year’s The Carpenter.  I never really loved I and Love and You, it has some well crafted songs, but it feels overproduced.  In a lot of their early albums there’s some roughness in their voices and they often sound a little out of control, and that chaotic feel is part of what makes the early Avett Brothers albums so compelling.  And then The Carpenter was even more disappointing to me, it had a similar sound to Love and You, but none of the melodies or lyrics that pulled at my heartstrings.  So when I heard that Magpie and the Dandelion was also produced by Rubin and that the songs were recorded at the same time as The Carpenter (my least favorite of all their albums), I was less than enthused. Despite the recent disappointment, the Avett Brothers have produced enough quality work that they have earned my trust, and so I gave Magpie a listen the day it came out and haven’t been able to stop listening to it since.  I absolutely love this album.  It’s a return to the simple acoustic songs I love. This album could have easily been packaged as The Gleam III & IV.   My current favorite track is the gorgeous “Bring Your Love To Me.”


Avett Brothers Announce New Album & Share New Song

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Earlier this week, The Avett Brothers announced that they will be releasing their 6th studio album via Universal Records.  The new album will be titled The Carpenter and will be released on the 11th of September.  The second song on the album is called “Live and Die” and they have made it available for you to listen to on either NPR or their own Soundcloud page.  It starts out with their classic banjo-laden folk sound and ends with more of a country feel than we’re used to hearing from them, and I love it. “Live and Die” will be available for download on July 3rd. Here’s to hoping the Avetts return to their rough and unpolished ways.