For legal reasons, that we feel to be rather obvious, we cannot host all the mp3’s we have forever. It’s pretty normal for a blog to take down mp3’s. We try to leave them up for about a month before the links go dead.


We’re heavily influenced by and  fans of HypeMachine & Both are large music blog search engines and you might try searching for what you were originally looking for on there. You might be surprised.

The legal alternatives

When we first started this blog, many artists were not using sites like BandCamp or SoundCloud to host their own music for promotional use. Try doing a search for your favorite artists on those services to see if you can find what you were looking for. Also, many artists have their music on YouTube, legally and otherwise. Since this blog started, free music sites like Mog, rdio and Spotify have all popped up. These are just some tips for finding that great track we’ve mentioned before.

Or, you know, you could always use a service like Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, or iTunes to buy the song you want…


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