Absolutely Insane Pixies Beatbox Cover!

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If you only watch one beatbox Pixies cover today, make sure it’s this one. Youtube user Pyrantula shows off the talents of British beatboxer THePETEBOX. With six strings, a loop pedal and a microphone he unleashes a version of the Pixie’s “Where is my Mind” that is pretty sock-knocking off worthy.

Petebox’s cover of MGMT’s “Kids” from the Y-Not Festival last August is also worth a listen. If you didn’t pick it up by now, this guy is very talented.

You can download the “PeTeBOXed” version of “Where is My Mind” over on THePETEBOX’s website:

I hope your ears can handle this. Ω

Arcade Fire Surprised Everyone with Grammy Win

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Indie superstars Arcade Fire were the big winners last night at the Grammy’s, which understandably shocked everyone watching.  I’m really curious to know how and why they won. Not that they weren’t the most deserving of those nominated, I’m still confused as to how they were nominated to begin with.  A band like Arcade Fire usually doesn’t get recognized by the Grammy’s.

I was already shocked by the inclusion of artists like Mumford and Son’s and Ray Lamontagne.  And I found the performance by the Avett Brothers delightful, but also uncharacteristic.  It just makes me wonder if this was an intentional ploy to garner more interest from the hardcore music fans.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved The Suburbs.  It will definitely be in my Top Ten List for 2010 (if I ever get around to posting it), but it’s probably not in my top 5 and in fact I haven’t seen it at the top of anyone’s list.  So this album isn’t the best by the hardcore list-making obsessive indie music fans, and those watching the Grammy’s have never even heard of it.  I’d like to say this is the first step in a positive trend by voters to start recognizing music that actually has some depth to it.  Something with more than just a catchy hook that will stick with us longer than last night’s dinner. But it just seems to me to be a publicity stunt to gain some attention and turn the indie hipsters into viewers in 2012.

Intentional or not this has definitely gotten people’s attention.  Less than 24 hours now from the announcement and a new Tumblr page titled Who Is Arcade Fire which is racking up the hits by posting a collection of hilarious Twitter reactions to Arcade Fire’s victory.  It has provided a great deal of entertainment to me today.  Here are a few of my favorites.

“Congratulations to all 10 people in the world who have ever heard of arcade fire before…”

“How can this group get album of the year when they didn’t even have as many top 10 as Gaga? Did this group even have a number 1 hit?”

“The grammy people lost their mind…who are the Suburbs and how in heck did they win album of the year…smh”

“Who the he’ll is that Fire who ?”

Arcade Fire – Rococo (removed 7/21/12)

For those who have put off purchasing The Suburbs and are suddenly motivated to hear what all the fuss is about, right now you can a premium quality digital download for just $3.50.  on their web-site.

Here’s a fun little remix might have gone unnoticed without it’s title.

The Hood Internet – Arcade Fire vs. Blondie mashup (removed 7/21/12)

Cold War Kids – “Mine Is Yours” Remixed

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Cold War Kids released their 3rd full-length album back on the 25th of January and so far it is one of my favorite records of the year.  It has been receiving a lot of attention but not a lot of love so far, which I don’t understand.  Of all of their previous work I would compare it the most to the Behave Yourself EP which I really loved.  2008’s Loyalty to Loyalty was a bit of a disappointment for me.  Lyrically it was fantastic, but I felt like it was just too disjointed and jagged of a record for me to really enjoy listening to.  Mine Is Yours is a catchier and smoother album then Loyalty. It is very similar to their debut album Robbers & Cowards, but not quite as bare and raw.  It has a very full and warmer sound, which many have then equated to dull.  But I disagree and am a big fan of the record.

In the past week the title track has been remixed by both Passion Pit and Yeasayer.  I’m privy to the Passion Pit version but they are both fun takes that make an already solid and catchy song just a little more danceable.

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix) (removed 7/21/12)
Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours (Yeasayer Remix) (removed 7/21/12)

Here is the video for the first single released from Mine Is Yours, “Louder Than Ever.”

RW: This Scene Is Dead [Pete Predictable Remix]

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Editors note: This post was originally written in July 2009. It never got published, so we’re going to do it now.

This week I think I’ll do something different. I post a remix that I think is only… okay…..

Not one of my favorite remixes, but one of my favorite bands, and one of my favorite songs. Funny how that makes it balance out. These guys aren’t really the kind of band that you would expect to hear remixed.

The band is a beautiful blend of agnst-driven-pop ballads, and pure musical talent. These guys make music more fun that it should be legal to be.

I hope your ears enjoy beautiful mediocrity. Ω