Dan Deacon “True Thrush” Video

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While I respect it for what it is, I have never been a huge fan of Dan Deacon’s music. That being said, this video is awesome. The video is essentially a giant game of video telephone.  Dan Deacon and Ben O’Brien set up a one room set and acted out a short scene. It was then shown to a team of 2 and they were then given one hour and one take to recreate it from memory.  As you can imagine, it was quite hilarious watching as it slowly drifted further and further from the original video.  It makes me want to get a big group of people together over a weekend and try our own version of video telephone.

New Langhorne Slim “The Way We Are”

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Langhorne Slim and the Law have a new album coming out on June 5th via Ramseur Records (home of The Avett Brothers, Samantha Crain, and Frontier Ruckus).  While you have a couple weeks to wait til you can hear the new record, you can hear the title track and watch the accompanied video below.  They head out on tour in support of the new album this Friday.  After watching this video, I really wish they were coming to Oklahoma.  The closest show to us will be in Lawrence, KS on June 7th.   You can check out the rest of the tour dates here and if you are so inclined you can pre-order the album here.

Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk (Video)

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One album that just barely missed the cut for my Most Anticipated Albums of 2012 list is the new one from Sigur Ros.  Valtari is the name of the new record that it is set to release on May 28th. They have released the first single from the album along with a video.  Had I heard “Ekki múkk”  before making my list earlier in the year, it might have helped surge Valtari in to the top 10.

Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

Teitur – Let the Dog Drive Home

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I absolutely wore out Danish singer/songwriter Teitur Lassen’s debut album Poetry & Aeroplanes.  It may have been the most played album for me from my college days. In fact my wife and I had some of our best friends play one of the songs off the album for us in our wedding.  That is how much this album meant to me.  Well if you’re like me, you waited for his follow-up with great anticipation, only to be disappointed when Stay Under the Stars finally released in the US in late 2006.  With the troubles/breakup with Columbia records and  follow-up to Stay Under the Stars being written in his native tongue and a foreign release, I gave up on Teitur and kind of assumed that was the last I would hear of him.

While I gave up on Teitur Lassen, fortunately, he did not give up and has continued to write and record some great music over the past several years, following up his Faroese release, with another English album in late 2008, called The Singer, which I have yet to hear.  And his most recent album, Let the Dog Drive Home, released back in October of 2010 in Europe, has fully restored my love for this extremely talented songwriter.  The album is wistful and beautiful and everything I adored about his lovely debut.  And most importantly it has finally been released digitally in the US.  You can sample a few songs below and then you can buy the whole album here: Let the Dog Drive Home

Teitur – Let The Dog Drive Home

Teitur – You Never Leave LA by blaavinyl