3 Song Thursday: Where is IHYEB? & Remix Wednesday turns ONE YEAR OLD!

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It’s been a solid NINE days since any of our unpaid staff writers added a single word to this beautiful hunk of internet. Our thoughts?

We’re Sorry!

I’m sure you were very scared for us, thinking that maybe the man finally took us down, or that maybe one of the staff died, but I assure you that things are very much okay with at least 75% of the staff (I haven’t really been in contact with Brady lately… sure hope he’s doing okay). So what gives then? Well, IHYEB is a fun project rather than a pay project for 1000% of all the staff here (infact we’ve only lost money on this site because hosting costs some serious green).

But I wanted to make a formal apology, as most of us are adapting to our new summer schedules.

In other very-related news….

My pride and joy, the Remix Wednesday column is now officially ONE YEAR OLD! To celebrate this momentous minor achievement, I’m going to start calling it the Remix of the Week, but will still be shortening it RW.

And just because it wouldn’t be IHYEB if I didn’t have some music in this, and it’s techiniquely still thursday, I give you:

My Three Favorite Remix Wednesday Remixes

1. Santigold – I’m a Lady (Diplo mix ft. Amanda Blank)

I could elaborate for ages on how much this song just always gets me. I always feel weird declaring this song (the original included) to be my favorite Santigold song, because…. I’m not a lady.

2. David Bowie – Rebel Rebel (Soulwax Re-Edit)

“I am a dj, I am what I play.” What a brilliant tag to put at the beginning of a remix. Soulwax proves their worth in gold with this solid track. BTW, that tag is snatched from a ’79 Bowie album…. and it’s in much better company inside that song than in D.J.’s music video.

3. The Presets – This Boy’s in Love (Lifelike Remix)

Perfection audialized? I love this remix so much, and it’s play count in my iTunes library proves it. Just listen to it and see if you don’t fall in love, much like the protagonist in the song.


OKAY! I think we’re square now. I’ll be back next week for another remix, and I hope I’ve given you enough homework to make your ears bleed. Ω

Iron & Wine Cover New Order’s “Love Vigilantes”

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So I love cover songs.  It is one of the greatest joys to hear an artist take someone else’s song and make it his own.  Now I know I have promised this before, but I really mean it when I say to you this time that I plan on bringing you a new great cover song every week.  So to start it off, this week I bring you a new Iron and Wine cover in honor of their new album that came out last week.  Here is a performance by Sam Beam and his sister of New Order’s classic song “Love Vigilantes” on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon. Once again Beam has managed to pull off the impossible by taking someone else’s song and making it much better than the original.

New Order – Love Vigilantes

ACL Preview – The Low Anthem

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The Low Anthem - Oh My God, Charlie DarwinFor my first artist recommendation for your ACL festival trip this coming fall, I have chosen a band called The Low Anthem. I first discovered this band from a Paste Sampler late last year. The name of the song was “Charlie Darwin” and I absolutely loved it.  It is a hauntingly gorgeous song.  It’s the title track for their second album, originally released late last year.  Oh My God, Charlie Darwin has been re-mastered and is being reissued on Nonesuch records June 9th with an updated tracklisting and new packaging.

The Low Anthem reigns from Rhode Island and consists of Ben Miller on vocals and guitar, Jocie Adams on clarinet, and Jeffrey Prystowsky on bass.  But each of them play an array of other instruments on the album and during their live shows.  They have garnered a lot of praise  from the indie music critics.  Paste Magazine called them “time-honored and astonishingly innovative.”  And they have gotten many comparisons to both Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.  That is in part due to the rough singing on some of the latter tracks on the album, or the Waits song that they cover on the new album.  But I think it’s mostly due to the sincerity found in their songwriting.  So listen to this great song and add The Low Anthem to your list of bands to see at Austin City Limits this fall.

The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin

If you need more convincing you can stream their first album here.

3 Song Thursday: Overlooked Gems of 2008

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Today I thought I would share with you three tracks that managed to hide their elustrious beauty from my ears until just recently.  I should have been singing praises of these three songs back when they were first released, but somehow they slipped under my radar until after the new year had rolled around.  So here I am today preventing each of you from letting another year roll around before you hear these addictive tunes.

1) Kings of Leon – Manhatten

I thought I had listened to all of the latest Kings of Leon album, Only By the Night.  But apparently I hadn’t, cause I don’t know how I could’ve heard this song and not been completely entranced right away. For that is what happened when I heard this track a couple of weeks ago while listening to an end of the year podcast on NPR’s All Songs Considered.  I don’t care who you are, I think everyone can groove to this tune.  The drum beat and little guitar riff that proceeds throughout just make you wanna just chill and dance at the same time, if that were possible.  And there is a passion in Caleb’s voice like never before.

2) Of Montreal – An Eluardian Instance

I’ve really been into pop tunes that you can dance to lately, and this one has found its way to the top of my playlists again and again this past month.  I am in love with the horn intro.  It is just a fun and danceable.   And as always, Kevin Barnes knows how to use his words to reach your heart.  Again I have no idea how I overlooked this gem of a song.

3) The Killers – I Can’t Stay

Now this song I did not accidentally overlook.   I just ignored it.  In fact I hated this track when I first listened to Day & Age.  But it came up again when I was listening to my library on shuffle a couple weeks ago, and something in the chorus just struck me.  I think it is just an absolutely lovely melody and I have not been able to stop listening to it.