Where did we come from?

I Hope You Ears Bleed began as a dream of Nathan‘s. Nathan asked Cody for help with making a music blog. Cody wasn’t very helpful initially, so Nathan set off to create ihopeyourearsbleed.blogspot.com all by himself. Meanwhile, Cody decided that he wanted to start music blogging as well. For about a month, the two worked hard crunching out posts and songs, until Cody realized what he must do. And one night, he registered IHopeYourEarsBleed.com and built a site. Cody surprised Nathan with the website as a gift. Not long after that, Cody joined Nathan as a contributing writer on the website, alongside his duties as the website’s administrator. More writers would come, but this is the story of how IHYEB came into being.

Who are we?

We are music lovers. A ragtag group of friends, and friends of friends, we do what we can to share the music that makes our lives full of love. But I suppose if you want to be more specific as to the core group of writers…

There’s Nathan


our fearless founder, editor, and writer supreme. He works hard to keep the content flowing free, as every word that touches the front page goes under his scrutiny first. Nathan spends a lot of his time doing all things he loves at his favorite ranch in all of Colcord, OK. And when he’s not doing that, he’s spending time with his wife, who also has great taste in music.

… and Cody


the website’s administration superstar, as well as resident remix guru. He stays up much later than he should working on minor site tweaks no one ever notices, and fixing problems that he himself created. When he’s not writing about remixes he’s working, or at school, or at church. His lack of sleep is directly proportional to how well the site is running.

… and Justin


our resident music video junkie & video blogger.

… and Brady.


the man who likes his music fresh, as well as who can be identified by his writing style which almost lets you hear the song before you even listen to it.

… and some of our friends who don’t post quite as often.