Free Music Friday: Guster “Live with the Redacted Symphony”

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One of my all-time favorite bands just released a new live album called “Live with the Redacted Symphony” that they are giving away for free on NoiseTrade .   The album includes 7 classic Guster songs and 3 song from their most recent album, all performed live with a symphony orchestra. It’s pretty good stuff and it has me itchin’ to see these guys live again.  I read recently that they have a new album in the works. I never really got into 2010’s Easy Wonderful, but they are one of those bands that has earned my loyalty and I will give a listen to anything they release.

Live with the Redacted Symphony Tracklist

  1. Satellite
  2. What You Call Love
  3. Ramona
  4. Two Points for Honesty
  5. Fa Fa
  6. This Is How It Feels to Have a Broken Heart
  7. Lightning Rod
  8. Demons
  9. On the Ocean
  10. Come Downstairs and Say Hello

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