Colin Meloy – Wildwood

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Colin Meloy, frontman for indie folk-rock group, The Decemberists, released his debut novel last year.  It is the first book in his Wildwood Trilogy that he has created with the mother of his child, award-winning illustrator Carson Ellis.  It is a very impressive, if somewhat predictable, first novel from an artist who has already made his name as a musician first. Meloy created a new and exciting world with Wildwood, one that I will be happy to venture through again. I could do without the whole “machines are bad/nature is good” lesson that was thrown in there a couple times. It’s not that I disagreed with the sentiment, it just felt a little trite. Even before reading his debut novel, I knew that Colin was a marvelous wordsmith and a great storyteller. I really enjoyed his writing style and his decision to utilize his extensive vocabulary to the fullest despite it being a children’s novel. The first installment in the Wildwood Chronicles
was a great read and I highly recommend it. I expect even greater things from the 2nd book in this trilogy.


And in the off chance you have stumbled upon this site having never heard The Decemberists, take a listen to one of my favorites from their debut release Castaways and Cutouts.

The Decemberists – Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect

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