New Modest Mouse Song “Satellite Skin”

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So I know I’m a little late on sharing this song with you, but I thought today, Music Video Monday, would be a good day, since they just released a video for it over the weekend that you can watch right here.  While the Kevin Willis directed video is interesting and a bit creepy, the song itself is sort of blah.  It’s not horrible and has some amusing lyrics, but it’s uncharacteristically bland for a Modest Mouse song.  It is void of energy, as you can see from there performance on Letterman several weeks ago.  I feel like you can skip around to any point during the song and it will sound exactly the same.  It starts off fine, but then it goes nowhere.  There is no crescendo, no building on itself, just blah.  Hopefully the rest of the forthcoming EP will have a little more passion and zeal.

Modest Mouse – Satellite Skin (Live)

3 Comments on “New Modest Mouse Song “Satellite Skin””

  1. 1 elizabeth said at 12:59 am on June 1st, 2009:

    I think the song is pretty good. The meaning of it as well. Could you come up with something better? I think you are just being critical.

  2. 2 Nathan said at 10:07 am on June 1st, 2009:

    Of course I couldn’t write something better, and neither could you. But Modest Mouse can, which is why I was writing about them and not me. I didn’t say it was a bad song, merely that it didn’t do a whole lot for me and that I expect better from a band this good.

  3. 3 Mothwing Feelings said at 3:52 am on June 5th, 2009:

    Satellite Skin is a wicked song! Awesome lyrics, awesome riffs, obviously you’ve(the critic who thinks this song is “blah”) never experienced anything in life that comes close to the passion and emotion and feelin that is in this song. So dude, I kinda feel bad for you… It is a very awesome song! I personally love it. I’ve listened to it like a thousand times since the day it got released, and it has me stoked as hell for their new album to drop!!! Rock On Modese Mouse!!!!!!!!