New releases from Beep Beep, Mirah, Rafter

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Lots of great new music released today, thought I would share a couple that stood out to me:

Beep Beep Enchanted Islands (Saddle Creek)

Beep Beep - Enchanted IslandsAs you might expect from Saddle Creek this album leans towards the folk rock side of things, but don’t let that shallow genre association fool you.  Beep Beep travels beyond those simple expectations into an eclectic sound, skewing rythyms and notes to achieve something unique but not inaccessible.

Beep Beep – Secrets for the Well

Beep Beep – Mermaid Struggle

Mirah (a)spera (K)

Mirah - (a)speraYes, the cover on this album is ridiculous.  Is that an alien squid sitting atop her shoulder?  And what in the world are they trying to tell us about her music with such an outrageous picture?  Fortunately, it has nothing to do with the music.  Her playfully sweet voice marries well with the heavily distorted (but rarely distracting) instrumentation and progressive beats.

Mirah – Education

Mirah – Gone Are the Days

Rafter 10 songs (Asthmatic Kitty)

Rafter - 10 SongsThe title of this album does a pretty good job of letting you know what you are going to get, 10 songs with seemingly nothing tying them together other than the fact that they are on the same album.  Sometimes while listening to these songs I start to understand what it is like to have A.D.D.  Constantly shifting and morphing, none of these songs tend to stay in the same place for too long.  Certainly an interesting album, just don’t try and listen to this while doing something you need to focus on.

Rafter – Bicycle

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