RW gets Feist-y: Feel it All (Diplo Remix)

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feist1I love remixes that catch you off guard. Diplo is showing me that more and more lately. Rather than throwing breakbeats into songs I like, they restructure the song and turn it into a completely new piece of art.

Well last week I had a greater example of that, this week I go for a much more subtle remix, by a much more subtle artist, Feist.

Feist seems to be fairly “in” with the indie blogging scene [i guess that includes us :)] and it’s more than just a fascination. Feist has a voice that other singers don’t. Britney Spears would ruin a Feist song. P!nk would ruin a Feist song. T-Pain and his endless supply of crappy auto-tuning will never achieve the same musical nirvana that Feist hits.

As Death Cab for Cutie pointed out at the Grammy’s wearing their blue ribbons, there’s something sincerely human about an imperfect voice. And that’s what makes Feist soo irresistable, her voice is… real… and… friendly.

Well today’s remix is of Feel it All, one of my fav songs. I hope that this re-imaginging of the song helps your understand the point that I’m trying to convey. Maybe it’s the green-tea talking, but I think her voice deserves some kind of award.

Feist – I Feel It All (Diplo Remix)

This remix is DEFINITELY worth your time, so please take that time to actually listen to it.

I hope your ears bleed all over again. Ω

7 Comments on “RW gets Feist-y: Feel it All (Diplo Remix)”

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  2. 2 geoff said at 11:03 am on February 19th, 2009:

    Interesting that you say her voice isn’t perfect, because i feel like it is pretty perfect. even when she wavers around notes, she always seems to be in key, it’s like her vocal cords can’t make a bad sound. I bet you’d agree that we don’t even know what Britney Spears’ voice sounds like, with all the overdub and lip syncing. You’re totally right about Feist being a darling of the blog scene.

  3. 3 Nathan said at 9:34 pm on February 19th, 2009:

    I agree with geoff here. I think that Feist’s voice is pretty flawless. but what do i know

  4. 4 Jesse said at 7:48 pm on February 20th, 2009:

    Great track, I clicked a few banners to show some love.

  5. 5 Bob Loblaw said at 9:53 pm on February 20th, 2009:

    Ya know, this IS a great track. Thank You! Unfortunately, Diplo is so completely hit or miss. 85% of his stuff, I think, “This is atrocious!” And then he does something like this. Thus, I always have to check him out, even though the odds are against me. Well, considering that 95% of anything is crap, and only 85% of Diplo’s remixes are crap, then I guess those are Somewhat okay odds. But Hypem & sure aren’t helping me sort through all the cruft. Nevertheless, check out his Santigold remix of “I’m a Lady” . . . pretty brill (at least brilliant enough to justify me downloading ~9 shitty songs to find it!)

  6. 6 Cody said at 11:24 am on February 21st, 2009:

    @geoff & @Nathan

    I was trying to say more to the effect of… she’s not a robotic voice that’ been manipulated to be “perfect”.

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