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The master of minimalist hip-hop is back, still spitting fire after nearly a decade of record label exile. Q-Tip’s second official solo release (his last two records were axed by unsatisfied label bigwigs), The Renaissance, finds the industry veteran flowing and crooning atop restrained R&B compositions, a modern twist on A Tribe Called Quest’s jazzy grooves. Lead single “Gettin’ Up,” which has been in circulation for a few months now, embodies everything the record stands for, from its serene piano line to its decidedly romantic lyricism.

If The Renaissance is anything, it’s a love record. “Man and women get down,” the Abstract Poetic commands on the pulsing, disco-inflected “ManWomanBoogie”. Witness Q-Tip duet with Norah Jones (uh, what?) aside a charming stand-up bass on “Life Is Better”. But the talented MC never submits to idealism; “WeFight/WeLove,” a pause in the album’s incredible pacing, sees Q-Tip weighing the bliss of true love against loss of personal identity. Clarity in audio format.

The Renaissance somehow straddles nostalgia and innovation. For every old school splash of a cappella (“Dance on Glass,” “Johnny Is Dead”) comes the snap, crackle, pop of a drum machine or squawking synth. Stylistic flourishes aside, Q-Tip is still producing the most refreshing hip-hop in the genre. He’s still the same musical genius he was 20 years ago, and he probably always will be.

Q-Tip – Life Is Better (feat. Norah Jones) (removed 2/13/09)

3 Comments on “Q-Tip – The Renaissance”

  1. 1 Culture Bully said at 7:41 pm on November 7th, 2008:

    I like that line – straddles nostalgia and innovation – really brings together the entire feel of this album!

  2. 2 Free-Download: Q-Tip - Life Is Better (feat. Norah Jones) said at 2:00 pm on November 17th, 2008:

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  3. 3 Kapital K said at 5:50 pm on December 8th, 2008:

    This is the type of hip hop we need to listen to. Not garbage on the radio. Q-tip Talib Kweli and Mos Def iare still REPPIN real hip hop til this day. The Renaissance is a real hip hop album.