RW: October Avalanche – “El Producto”

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I’ve been hyping this for a few weeks now, and I’m proud to finally stand and deliver on my promise.

The Avalanches are just one of those groups that are hard to explain. I’m having a hard time doing just that right now. But I’m gonna try to explain them anyways. They have two different stages of their career. (1995-1998) The Punk Rap era, and (1999-Now) The Remixer era. I can’t say I’m much of a fan of their early stuff, but because it truly is unlike the other artists in the genre it is still intresting.

So this week I’m going to start from the begining and get through the early years in one big swoop.

They have an EP called El Producto from 1997 and I must say that it is almost impossible to track down. I spent a few weeks scouring message boards, and peer to peer networks to get most of my tracks for this post.

Well I’m pleased to say that I have the entire ep availible for download this week.

1. Untitled (Intro) (removed 2/13/09)
2. Rolling High (removed 2/13/09)
3. Rap Fever (removed 2/13/09)
4. Rock City (removed 2/13/09)
5. Under Inspection (removed 2/13/09)
6. Run DNA (removed 2/13/09)
7. Untitled (Outro) (removed 2/13/09)
Download the entire EP (Zipped)(removed 2/13/09)

Like I said earlier, this isn’t necessarily my favorite, but there is some stuff in here that begins to kind of explain the style of The Avalanches, and some of the stuff you here now, will definitley be incorporated into later recordings. Besides, this is also the holy grail of hard to find Avalanches recordings, and any true fan must have this in their collection.

So we’ve got a lot more cool stuff coming in the coming weeks. I’m excited to finally do this, but don’t worry we will be back to our regular remixing in November. Just to give you an idea of what I’ll be writing about, here’s the road map for the month:

  • OCT 01 – “El Producto” (Their 1st EP)
  • OCT 08 – “Since I Left You” (Their LP)  – Part 1
  • OCT 15 – “Since I Left You”  – Part 2
  • OCT 22 – “At Last Alone” (Their Last EP)
  • OCT 29 – (2001 – Present) & Remixes

I hope you don’t get caught in a real avalanche. Ω

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