New Teitur Album Out

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i just learned this morning that the artist that brought me my favorite album of 2003, which included one of the songs that teresa and i chose to have played in wedding, has just recently released a new album called the singer. teitur (pronounced “tighter”), is a very melancholy and melodic singer/songwriter from the faroe islands. although i felt that he unfortunately fell into the trap of the sophomore slump, i am still very eager to purchase the new album. here are the two songs that i have been able to scrounge up. this first one is a very strange video of a song that he did i suppose in his native tongue, whatever that is. not sure what i think of it yet. but i am sure a full review can be expected to appear once i can get my hands it.


and here is another mp3 i was able to scrounge up…it’s a little more upbeat than his earlier stuff, but enjoyable none the less.  here’s to hoping that blood flows from your ears.

teitur – catherine the waitress (removed 8/28)

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