Bunnies Galore!

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apparently a sequel to the cult classic film donnie darko is in the works. but richard kelly, who both wrote and directed the original wants nothing to do with s. darko, which will be revolving around the character of samantha, donnie’s younger sister. production on the film begins may 19th and daveigh chase will be returning to continue her role as samantha. director chris fisher says that donnie will not be making an appearance in the film but that there will be meteors and bunnies. which brings me to my next topic.

mates of state is coming out with a new album on teusday. and in promotion of re-arrange us, they have created a rather intriguing video that includes bunnies on mopeds and many other strange oddities. fortunately strange or weird are not my words of choice to describe “get better,” the song the video was made for. it is so addicting and lovely and gorgeous and powerful and well, i’ll just let you watch and listen for yourself.


here is another great song off their new album they have decided to give away for free

mates of state – my only offer (removed 8/28)

3 Comments on “Bunnies Galore!”

  1. 1 The Linguist said at 3:51 pm on May 16th, 2008:

    Yeah. So when the original guy says “yallz, I’m outta here” on a production, that’s when I run in the opposite direction.

    I have very, very little hope for S. Darko.

  2. 2 Mysteryshopper said at 3:19 pm on May 17th, 2008:

    so that’s what it feels like to be on drugs…

  3. 3 James Alan said at 11:42 am on May 19th, 2008:

    I like the “get better” but am not so sure about “my only offer”. I will definitely have to check it out, though, because I really like them.

    Also, how is the new Death Cab? I can see it on your last.fm. I think I may be over them, though I did love their two albums.