The History of My Obsession

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so i thought it only right to start this thing off with the reason for my obsession. growing up i was only allowed to listen to “christian” music. which sounds awful, but in retrospect i am sort of grateful because i am afraid had i not had that limitation i might have become satisfied with the secular radio pop culture and might have never decided to search beyond what i knew and discover that there was more out there to be found. it started with my constant effort to find better “christian” music than the stuff my mom would listen to. then in high school i gave up the silly notion that the only music capable of bringing glory to God was that which was made by christians. and boy was i presently surprised as a whole new world of music was opened up to me. music so beautiful and powerful it was almost enough to make my ears bleed. not only did i discover that there were christians out there challenging themselves and making great music, but that there were also people in the so-called “secular” world that were making music that i truly believe is glorifying to our heavenly Father.

but back to where my music obsession started and to the reason for this post. i wasn’t telling the whole truth when i said that my mom made me listen to only “christian” music. there was one exception that was made that has forever shaped my musical tastes. and that exception is the tape cassette my uncle gave me when i was about five years old of the beach boys’ pet sounds. easily the greatest album ever put out by the beach boys and arguably the best album of 60’s. now i realize that all you beatles fans out there are about to jump down my throat, but before you do. The Beatles themselves have recognized it as the inspiration for their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which is consistently ranked as the Beatles greatest album. not only that but paul mccartney has often stated that “god only knows” is his favorite song of all time. but don’t let any of this convince you of the greatness of this record. let the music stand for itself. if you have never heard this album or don’t agree with me please listen to it as soon you can. i hope your ears bleed (not literally)

the beach boys – caroline no (removed 8/24)